Emira Myftiu

Hi, I’m Emira. I am an Artist. I would love to work with you, whether that means doing a commission, a collaboration, or teaching! Feel free to contact me by my contact page.

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Who I am, what I do and why

Hi, I’m Emira.
I am an Artist.


I was born in Tirana, Albania. As a child i always loved to paint, taking the source of imagination of my books. Reading books and imagining them, made me paint what i sow in letters. Also i had a strong conection with nature. The smells, the colours, the infinit forms and shadows that nature offers. So, in definit episods of my life I painted a lot. Something that became more and more necessary to me. I can say it is indispensable for my spiritual wellness. These last years I paint as a professional. Living in Mallorca i have the oportunity not to lose my conection with nature, expressing it in my art.  


I have made several expositions here having  the chance to get to know people from all over the world. I like listening the different points of view of my creations. And it is very interesting how many different comments the same painting can receive. This means that art is very subjective and can surprise every day. Never stop creating emotions!

I would like to say something about my way of painting in general.


I prefer to use papers of 100% cotton which absorbs the water best and will not dissolve. It is also acid-free and will not yellow over the years. Normaly I start painting with watercolor, which is magic for me! Its shapes are delicate and fascinating. Here and there a little bit of acrylic is necessary to my eyes. I remember once in one of my expositions somebody asked me: “Wow, I didn’t know it could be done. Can this mixture exist?” – Why not! If the results give pleasure to yours eyes, the goal is accomplished.

I use ink too, which shapes are similar to watercolor but more impactive and powerful. Ink needs more courage because his strength of colour comes directly to you, leaving a pleasant sensation or bad one if it is to much…


The moral of a good painting is: the less you are concerned to do it “in the right way”, the better result you will have.